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It’s never easy to arrive in a new country. Maybe you don’t speak the language very well and there are often many issues to be dealt with for your stay to run smoothly. This site was set up after several years of living in many European countries, always commenting that if we had spoken the language from the beginning, we would have been able to make many savings on the different contracts we had to sign.

Erasmus budgets are tight. You have to be able to last the year making the most of the country you have come to discover. Right from your arrival, you have to open a bank account which will make your life easier throughout the year and allow you to sign an electricity or mobile phone contract, get an internet connection or even insure your accommodation in the host country.

We are therefore pleased to announce the arrival of SOS Erasmus to help you through all these processes with the different suppliers you might need. Now there’s no need to queue up in the stores. By setting up a meeting with our advisers, in just half an hour you can sign all the contracts you really need for your stay abroad to go well. Our advisers have many years’ experience in the field and will be able to guide you through what you need. It is pointless to sign contracts that you don’t really need. We aim to get you on your feet as quickly as possible.

The service we provide is entirely free of charge and we work with all the suppliers in your country, systematically recommending the best offer to fit your needs. You will therefore be dealing with people who are entirely independent of the companies with whom you might be signing a contract, making their advice all the more valuable.
Have a good stay and see you soon for our meeting!


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